Friendship Evening between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan people takes place in Tashkent
18 August 2018 00:00
“Friendship Evening” concert with participation of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan masters of art was held in Uzbekistan Palace of International Forums.
International Forum of Maqom Art to take place in Uzbekistan
16 August 2018 12:40
An International Forum of Maqom Art will be held in Shakhrisabz on 6-10 September 2018.
Abbos Qosimov promotes Uzbek music in Malaysia
14 August 2018 19:45
A famous musician of Uzbekistan and founder Abbos band Abbos Qosimov participated in the fifth International festival of percussion instruments “Unbeatable – Kaleidoscope” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The Museum of Maqom to be established in Uzbekistan
09 August 2018 15:08
The Museum of Maqom is being created in Uzbekistan. The Government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution on establishment of the museum.
American Hip Hop Stars to Perform at Turkiston Open Air Stage Thursday
09 August 2018 20:35
To promote cultural relations between the people of the United States and Uzbekistan, the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent has brought the Next Level Hip Hop group to Tashkent. They will be performing at the Turkiston Open Air Stage on 16 August.
National dances of Uzbekistan presented at festival in Malaysia
29 July 2018 11:01
Children’s theater studio Zamin of the Republican Children’s Art Center Barkamol Avlod took part in the 9th International Youth Folk Dance Festival in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah State , Malaysia. This was reported by the press service of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia.
State philharmonic society is being created in Uzbekistan
02 July 2018 13:12
The State philharmonic society at the Ministry of Culture is being created in Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan to host the international folklore festival “Nurly Navolar”
02 July 2018 12:55
Uzbekistan established an international folklore festival “Nurly Navolar”.
Art Camp children’s camp to be held in Tashkent region
02 July 2018 12:08
From 1 to 26 August 2018, Art Camp children’s camp will be held at health camp Nihol in Tashkent region. Youth theater studio ART organized the camp.
Brand store of "Hunarmand" Association opens in Baku
26 June 2018 14:53
A brand store of the Association of National Masters, Craftsmen and Painters of Uzbekistan "Hunarmand" opened in Baku (Azerbaijan).


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