11 December 2007 09:25
An exhibition of Central Asian artists, organized by the Center of Contemporary Art Soros-Almaty Social Fund will open on 21 December in Mumbai, India, Kazinform reports.
03 December 2007 08:35
The exposition "History, culture and traditions of Uzbekistan" was presented in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, within the framework of the "Exhibition of decorative applied arts and national costumes".
12 November 2007 10:34
"The centre of Uzbek culture in the Chuvash Republic" public organization has been set up in Chuvashia [of Russia], a correspondent of the Regnum news agency has learnt at the Chuvash Ministry of Culture.
06 November 2007 08:39
It took 14 years for University of Wyoming professor Marianne Kamp to write her latest book, “The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity, and Unveiling under Communism.”
02 November 2007 19:55
Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov supported initiative on creation of the SCO Youth Association, Kazinform said.
31 October 2007 13:04
A photo exhibition following the theme of China Today opened in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent Tuesday, showing the style and features of contemporary China with more than 400 exquisite pictures.
19 October 2007 09:43
The Altyn Asyr TV, Turkmenistan’s main official TV channel, at 1440 gmt 18 October, on the day of the official visit by the Uzbek president, Islam Karimov, aired a recorded concert by prominent Uzbek pop singers.
18 October 2007 09:39
Today the United Nations Office in Uzbekistan announced a poster contest on the theme “UN Contribution to Human Development through the Language of Contemporary Design”. It is organized jointly with the UN Development Programme in Uzbekistan, the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
02 October 2007 01:03
World Music Central website has published an article describing the biography of a known Uzbek singer Sevara Nazarkhan. The following is full text of the story.
11 September 2007 10:24
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the celebrations of the 2,000th anniversary of the city of Margilan on 7 September, UzA reported.


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