28 May 2007 09:38
Uzbek Stock Exchange (UzSE) registered deals for 417.849 million soums on Friday, 25 May.
22 May 2007 00:04
Volume of market services by all types of activity in January-March 2007 was over 2.74 trillion soums (including 592.2 billion soums of the rural area) or 21.5% of the total volume of rendered services.
21 May 2007 12:47
Uzbek Stock Exchange (UzSE) carried out deals for 571.653 million soums on Friday, 18 May.
11 May 2007 12:15
Uzbekistan Stock Exchange traded securities for 803.278 million soums on 10 May.
10 May 2007 13:56
A new auction for the assets of the bankrupt Zarafshan-Newmont, gold mining joint venture in Uzbekistan, has been scheduled for 4 June 2007, the country’s Real Estate Exchange said in an announcement posted by local newspapers.
07 May 2007 13:29
Tlway Texco Sdn Bhd (TTSB) plans to set up a Malaysian-based Asian Cotton Exchange (ACE), an international electronic market for investors to trade cotton "SPOT" contracts.
28 April 2007 14:31
Uzbek Stock Exchange (UzSE) registered deals for 465.885 million soums on Friday, 27 April.
25 April 2007 16:57
Uzbek Stock Exchange registered deals for 50.979 million soums on 25 April, the exchange said.
24 April 2007 00:03
Aureos Capital, emerging markets private equity fund manager, has launched a new US$100 million Central Asia Fund. The fund will focused primarily on Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
23 April 2007 13:49
Spencer House Capital Management, which is run by Lord Rothschild and Richard Horlick, Schroders’ former head of investment, is launching a US$200 million fund investing in Kazakhstan, as well as companies in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Russia, the FT reports.


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