17 August 2007 09:01
Uzbek Stock Exchange registered deals for 86.198 million soums on Thursday, 16 August.
17 August 2007 09:59
The aggregate volume of trades conducted at Uzbek Stock Exchange since the beginning of 2007 has reached 50.37 billion soums. In total, 4,339 deals were recorded, in which over 73.56 million shares of 331 issuing companies were traded.
16 August 2007 14:01
Uzbek Stock Exchange registered deals for 30.803 million soums on Wednesday, 15 August.
16 August 2007 13:47
Kazakhstan’s president proposed Thursday creating an oil and gas regulating body and exchange to service Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states.
15 August 2007 14:58
The second reading of the bill "On securities market" was held at the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The draft law was presented by the Committee for Budget and Economic Reforms, Jahon quoted local press.
02 August 2007 09:21
Pursuant to the Presidential Resolution dated 12 July 2007 "On measures to further increase the capitalization fo banks and activate their participation in the investment process on modernization of the economy", by the end of the year commercial banks are expected to float stocks for 230 billion soums.
23 July 2007 09:48
State Central Depositary has published the official report for the first half of 2007. In the reporting period the Depositary provided services to 2 private investment funds (PIFs) and 3 investment funds (IFs) owned by around 46,800 shareholders, including 19 corporate entities holding some 133,500 shares, and 46,778 individuals, owning over 3 million shares. To compare at the end of the first half of 2006 there were 46,941 shareholders, including 17 corporate entities and 46,924 individuals).
19 July 2007 09:46
Ravnak Bank has registered the prospectus of the 6th emission of shares with the Centre for the Securities Market under the State Property Committee of Uzbekistan.
16 July 2007 10:02
Uzbek Stock Exchange registered deals for 1.253 billion soums on 13 July.
12 July 2007 15:03
Uzbek Stock Exchange (UzSE) registered deals for 1.582 billion soums on Tuesday, 11 July 2007.


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