19 April 2007 13:00
Subscribers’ base of MTS-Uzbekistan increased by 75,971 users in March 2007 to 1.702 million people.
19 April 2007 12:00
Motorola hit back for the first time on Wednesday at Carl Icahn, the billionaire Wall Street investor who is seeking a seat on the struggling US mobile phone maker’s board by waging a proxy battle.
19 April 2007 11:56
Is Research in Motion’s growth too fast for its network to handle? Customers forced to go cold turkey want to know.
18 April 2007 12:35
The servers deliver a 50% performance boost and blend Fujitsu’s mainframe technology with Sun’s Solaris operating system, which is offered under Sun’s open source license.
18 April 2007 12:33
Speaking at Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, announced a new addition to Google Docs and Spreadsheets: Presentations, a Web based alternative to MS PowerPoint. According to Google’s blog the new service will be based on the technology developed by Tonic System, a company Google acquired.
18 April 2007 12:25
Sony said on Tuesday it is considering launching PlayStation 3 game consoles with larger hard disk drive capacity, in a bid to cater to the needs of hard-core gamers and other heavy users.


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