UzACI headquarters in Tashkent
19 November 2008 11:19
A training course “Application of ICT in the public administration” started at engineer-technical center of Uzbektelecom, national telecommunication operator of Uzbekistan, on 18 November.
Mobile users’ number almost doubles this year
17 November 2008 13:48
Number of mobile subscribers in Uzbekistan almost doubled in ten months of 2008, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies of Uzbekistan under the Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information said on Monday, 17 November.
Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan
14 November 2008 11:15
The Cabinet of Ministers’ Coordination Council for Computerization and ICT Development held its regular session. The main issue on the agenda was providing interactive state services through the official websites, registration of state information resources and accepting reports of the economic entities in the electronic form.
UzACI headquarters in Tashkent
14 November 2008 11:01
Uzbekistan has started introduction of the digital television broadcasting, which should complete by 2015. Pilot zones of digital TV broadcasting have been launched in two cities - Tashkent and Bukhara.
Georgian Internet service provider, Caucasus on-line, plans to enter into the markets of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
14 November 2008 00:05
Georgian Internet service provider, Caucasus on-line, plans to enter into the markets of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, Georgian business consulting reported.
MTS logo
13 November 2008 20:58
MTS’ market share in Uzbekistan was at 49% at the end of the third quarter of 2008, Russia’s Mobile TeleSystems OJSC said on 13 November.
NVision Group
13 November 2008 17:33
NVision Group, Russia’s system integrator, announced on 12 November on launch its new office in Uzbekistan, which will provide wide-scale IT solutions in the market of Uzbekistan.
Alcatel-Lucent delegation
11 November 2008 15:38
Director-general of the Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information (UzACI) Abdulla Aripov held negotiations with the president of Alcatel-Lucent for CIS states Alexander Tikhonov on 7 November.
Regional Communication Commonwealth
11 November 2008 15:23
Tashkent is hosting a joint session of Council of operators of electrical communication of Regional Communication Commonwealth (RCC) and RCC Commission of electrical communication.
GPS/Glonass navigation product
07 November 2008 13:42
Maps of Uzbekistan will be included into Avtosputnik (Car Satellite), GPS/GLONASS navigation system, Navigation Systems of Russia said.


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