MITC attracts an Indian expert to create a technology park in Tashkent
29 January 2019 14:05
On 28 January, the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications Development (MITC) of Uzbekistan held a meeting with Indian expert J.Partasarati, who was invited to Uzbekistan as an adviser on the establishment of a Technopark in the city of Tashkent and providing advisory assistance in its management.
Presentation of the Smart Grid Network Project take place in Tashkent
28 January 2019 17:21
On 28 January 2019, the heads and specialists of relevant ministries and departments met with American developers and investors, where the Smart Grid + Wi-Fi 2.0 technologies and a number of other promising projects were discussed in detail.
Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger
26 January 2019 19:47
Facebook plans to integrate its messaging services on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. All three apps will remain stand-alone apps, at a much deeper level they will be linked so messages can travel between the different services.
Minister for Development of Information Technology and Communications Receives Chief Operating Officer of the VEON Group
25 January 2019 14:35
On 24 January, Minister for Development of Information Technologies and Communications Shukhrat Sadikov received Chief Operating Officer of the VEON Group of Companies, Schell Morten Johnsen.
Traffic light of Yandex.Probka starts work in Tashkent
24 January 2019 19:40
Yandex began to estimate traffic on Tashkent streets on a ten-point scale. A traffic light appeared on Yandex’s main page, in Navigator and Yandex.Maps, which shows the overall traffic situation in points. From 0 to 3 points - the roads are free, 4–6 - traffic is difficult, 7–10 - serious traffic jams. A person can look at the traffic light and decide whether it is worth driving now.
VEON Ltd. appointed Sergey Afonin to CEO of Beeline Uzbekistan
24 January 2019 15:14
VEON Ltd. appointed Sergey Afonin to CEO of Beeline Uzbekistan, effective from 1 March 2019.
Yandex.Taxi service introduces a new feature
24 January 2019 11:35
Yandex.Taxi service introduced a new function - now in application the users can call up to three cars simultaneously from one phone.
Government approves concept of introducing “Smart City” technologies in Uzbekistan
22 January 2019 07:28
The Government of Uzbekistan approved a concept of introducing “Smart City” technologies in the country.
Wi-Fi is organized at Tashkent metro stations
19 January 2019 15:15
Now, Tashkent city residents can use the Internet in Wi-Fi zones, created at metro stations, the press service of the Tashkent city administration said.
Software products Technopark to be created in Uzbekistan
13 January 2019 14:49
A Technopark of software products and information technologies will be created in Uzbekistan.


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