18 April 2007 21:20
The aggregate premium revenue and premium revenue per one insurance contract are important indicators of an insurance company’s performance.
18 April 2007 17:20
A delegation of China Development Bank led by its Assistant Governor Zhao Jianping met Deputy Prime Minister and director-general of Uzbek Agency for Communication and Information Abdulla Aripov.
18 April 2007 17:12
Assets of Ipoteka Bank increased by 11.4% to 493.2 billion soums in the first quarter of 2007.
18 April 2007 12:22
New chief of State Insurance Inspectorate was presented to the staff of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 9 April.
18 April 2007 12:20
The number of plastic cards issued by Galla Bank reached 70,700 as of 1 April 2007, the Head of the bank’s Plastic Cards Department Muftilla Saitmuratov said. The figure has grown by 7,000 since April 2006.
18 April 2007 12:18
President Karimov urged new reforms in the insurance services sector by signing a resolution "On measures for further reform and development of the insurance services market" on 10 April.
18 April 2007 12:14
UzbekInvest National Export and Import Insurance Company held a press briefing on the occasion of the company’s 13th anniversary on 16 April. The company’s representatives spoke about business insurance and conducted a presentation on savings insurance products.
18 April 2007 11:12
Where does Asia stand a decade after the Asian financial crisis? What are the challenges to Asian integration? How will the developing economies of Asia adapt to the vast changes underway in the region?
17 April 2007 08:50
Credit portfolio of Aloqa Bank (Communication Bank) increased by 329.6 million soums to 22 billion soums.
17 April 2007 08:49
Assets of Aloqa Bank comprised 54.7 billion soums as of 1 April 2007 or grew by 20.8 billion soums or 61.9% year-on-year.


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