Agrobank resources reach 770bn soums in 2008
18 May 2009 12:46
Resources of Agrobank, former Pakhta Bank, grew by 22% year-on-year to 770 billion soums in 2008, the bank said.
Alfa Invest to issues shares for 3.78bn soums
18 May 2009 12:20
Alfa Invest closed joint-stock company will issue additional shares for 3.781 billion soums, the company said in a statement.
Tax policy in conditions of world crisis discussed
18 May 2009 12:01
The conference devoted to priority areas of liberalization of tax policy in the process of modernizing the economy and the role of fiscal mechanisms in overcoming the negative impact of the world financial and economic crisis was held in Tashkent.
Ipoteka Bank finances construction of new housing
18 May 2009 11:59
Ipoteka Bank is currently financing the construction of 44 apartment houses in Tashkent and regions of Uzbekistan. So far, 20 houses consisting of 672 apartments have been commissioned.
Central Bank of Uzbekistan
18 May 2009 11:57
The press conference in Tashkent was devoted to financial support by the banks of the real sector of the economy, ensuring its stable operation and increasing the export potential, UzA reported.
Investments in fixed capital grow by 31.4% in 1Q
15 May 2009 16:53
Total volume of utilized investments in fixed capital increased by 31.4% year-on-year to 2.652 trillion soums in January-March 2009.
15 May 2009 13:20
The EBRD is participating in a capital increase of Kazkommertsbank (KKB) by investing US$40 million into the acquisition of new shares of Kazakhstan’s second largest bank.
Korea Exim Bank signs US$10m EDCF loan agreement with Uzbekistan
15 May 2009 11:38
The Export-Import Bank of Korea announced on 12 May that the President of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, Dongsoo Kim together with the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan, Rustam Azimov signed a US$10 million EDCF loan agreement for the Heart Surgery Center Medical Equipment Provision Project being implemented by the Uzbekistan government.
Bank Credit-Standard’s assets reaches 239.1bn soums
14 May 2009 14:50
Open joint-stock commercial bank Credit-Standard said its assets increased by 20.7 billion soums or 9.48% in 2008 and reached 239.1 billion soums.
Assets of Bank Samarkand increases by 97.3% in 2008
14 May 2009 14:49
Assets of the joint-stock commercial bank Samarkand increased by 8.2 billion soums or 97.3% to 16.6 billion soums in 2008.


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