CBU: Introduction of new norms of duty-free import affected dynamics of prices for household appliances
02 August 2018 22:31
The results of regular observations of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan show that in July 2018, a 0.5% increase in prices was observed for the selected group of consumer goods and services, mainly due to correction of prices for fruit and vegetable products.
EBRD, Uzbekistan to cooperate in development of financial markets
02 August 2018 11:15
A delegation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development led by President Suma Chakrabarti was held a meeting at the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan to create Agency for Public-Private Partnership Development
01 August 2018 17:12
The Agency for the Development of Public-Private Partnership and the Single Information Portal of Public-Private Partnership will be established in Uzbekistan.
Central Bank directs US$300m to support Uzbek soums in 2Q
01 August 2018 16:18
The volume of foreign exchange interventions of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan in the second quarter of 2018 made up US$300 million.
Uzbekistan receives money transfers for US$2.3 billion in 1H
01 August 2018 16:11
Uzbekistan received remittances worth US$2.3 billion in the first half of 2018, according to the Central Bank.
EBRD provides funds for MSME support in Uzbekistan
01 August 2018 16:05
Strengthening its support for the private sector in Uzbekistan, the EBRD is providing a synthetic local currency loan of up to US$ 5 million to DAVR Bank. This is the first EBRD loan to the bank aimed at expanding access to finance for local micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).
IMF: Tax reform is Uzbek government’s economic flagship project
31 July 2018 20:01
International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a statement on conclusions of the visit of the mission to Uzbekistan.
EBRD President to visit Uzbekistan
31 July 2018 13:19
The President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Suma Chakrabarti will visit Uzbekistan from 31 July to 1 August 2018. The press service of the bank said.
Average level of prices for goods and services in Uzbekistan fall by 0.3%
31 July 2018 11:22
In July 2018, the average level of prices for goods and services in Uzbekistan fell by 0.3% (January - inflation 2.7%, February - 1.1%, March - 1.1%, April - 0.9%, May - 0.8%, June - deflation 0.4%). The inflation rate for January-July of 2018 was 5.9%
CBU keeps refinancing rate at 14% APR
29 July 2018 11:40
The Central Bank of Uzbekistan kept the refinancing rate at 14% per annum on 28 July 2018. The bank’s board made the appropriate decision.


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