New scheme of microcrediting to be tested in Tashkent
13 February 2017 21:32
New scheme of microcreditng for small and private businesses will be tested in Uzbekistan as an experiment.
Three Uzbek banks named as supplier of socially important services
13 February 2017 14:44
Asaka Bank, Ipoteka Bank and Uzsanoatqurilishbank were exempted from obligation to sell share in their charter capitals to foreign investors.
Preferences for producers of banking cards prolonged
13 February 2017 14:28
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev with his resolution approved measures on creation of favorable conditions for further development of cashless settlement system based on banking cards in Uzbekistan.
Asaka Bank to place shares for 64.508bn soums
13 February 2017 11:34
Joint stock commercial bank “Asaka” will place shares for about 64.508 billion soums.
Over 52.2% of insurance premiums in 2016 collected in Tashkent city
13 February 2017 10:15
Over 52.2% of insurance premiums in 2016 were collected in Tashkent city, according to data of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.
Official exchange rate of US dollar reaches 3,300 soums
13 February 2017 10:02
Central Bank of Uzbekistan set new exchange rates of hard currencies to the Uzbek soum from 14 February 2017.
Uzbekistan introduces payment system based on QR-code
09 February 2017 16:49
Common Republican Processing Centre (CRPC) is introducing a payment system based on QR-code without use of POS-terminals, the press service of the Center said.
Uzbekistan and Netherlands sign protocol to Convention on avoiding double taxation
09 February 2017 16:02
Uzbekistan and the Netherlands signed a protocol on introduction of changes to the intergovernmental Convention on avoiding double taxation and preventing tax evasion on income and capital from 18 October 2001.
KFAED to co-finance social projects in Uzbekistan
08 February 2017 19:34
Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) will participate in financing of social projects with total sum of US$60 million in Uzbekistan.
Uzbek insurance companies collect premiums for 692.594bn soums in 2016
08 February 2017 18:06
The volume of insurance premiums, collected by the insurance companies of Uzbekistan, made up 692.594 billion soums in 2016, which grew by 37% year-on-year.


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