Uzbekistan attracts AFD funds for 150 million euros
29 November 2018 14:26
The Government of Uzbekistan raised funds from the French Development Agency (AFD) in the amount of 150 million euros to support the budget.
Central Bank set the price of gold and silver coins
28 November 2018 10:03
The Central Bank of Uzbekistan set prices for gold and silver coins, which were put for sale.
Central Bank launches commemorative gold and silver coins
26 November 2018 10:12
With a view to expanding the population’s opportunities for investment and savings, as well as the development of the precious metals market, taking into account international experience and practice, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan launches commemorative gold and silver coins into circulation as a pilot project.
Uzbekistan to attract a loan from ADB for construction of agro-logistics centers
26 November 2018 09:26
Uzbekistan plans to attract loans from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement the project “Developing the infrastructure of the value chain in the fruit-growing sector”.
Insurance companies collect premiums worth 1.18 trillion soums
26 November 2018 08:38
Insurance companies of Uzbekistan increased the volume of collected insurance premiums by 90% in January-September 2018 to 1.18 trillion soums.
Assets of commercial banks of Uzbekistan exceed 204.39 trillion soums
26 November 2018 08:34
As of 1 November 2018, the assets of Uzbekistan’s commercial banks made up 204.39 trillion soums, which is 28% higher compared to the same period of 2017, according to the data of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.
EIB may open a regional office in Uzbekistan
25 November 2018 16:33
The European Investment Bank (EIB) may open a representative office in Uzbekistan.
Central Bank approved the main directions of monetary policy
24 November 2018 19:17
On 24 November 2018, an open meeting of the Board of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan was held, at which the main directions of monetary policy for 2019 and for 2020 and 2021 were reviewed and approved.
World Bank Technical Assistance Group arrives in Uzbekistan
21 November 2018 20:03
A group of experts of the World Bank is carrying out an expert examination of the draft law “On banks and banking activity”, developed by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, the press service of the regulator said in a statement.
A delegation of Central Bank of Uzbekistan is on a visit to Russia
21 November 2018 18:48
A delegation of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan headed by Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Ilkhom Norkulov held a meeting with First Deputy Chairman Ksenia Yudayeva and heads of key departments of the Bank of Russia on 20 November 2018.


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