Uzbek leader calls to cutting imports, increasing exports
20 April 2017 20:45
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a video-conference with the Uzbek officials to discuss deepening localization of production and cutting the volume of imports and increasing exports.
Uzbekistan Airways introduces additional flights to Samara
20 April 2017 15:59
Uzbekistan Havo Yollari (Uzbekistan Airways) will introduce additional flights on route Tashkent- Samara-Tashkent from 2 July 2017.
Bakhrom Sharipov becomes chairperson of Uzbekipaksanoati Association
20 April 2017 15:33
The Government of Uzbekistan appointed the chairperson of the board of Uzbekipaksanoati (Uzbek Silk Industry) Association.
Uzbek-Swiss Business Forum to be held in Zurich
19 April 2017 17:36
An Uzbek-Swiss Business Forum will be held in Zurich in June 2017, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan said.
Uzbek-Chinese business forum takes place in Tashkent
19 April 2017 17:20
An Uzbek-Chinese business forum and bilateral meetings of business circles of two states is taking place in Tashkent on 19-21 April 2017.
Vocational Training Centers to be created in all regions
19 April 2017 16:52
Vocational Training Centers for unemployment will be created in all regions of Uzbekistan.
Fund for assisting privatized enterprises created in Uzbekistan
19 April 2017 14:48
Uzbekistan will create the Fund for assisting privatized enterprises under the State Committee on assisting privatized enterprises and developing competition.
Deputy chairperson of State Committee on automobile roads appointed
19 April 2017 14:23
President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev with his resolution appointed deputy chairperson – head engineer of the State Committee of automobile roads.
IMF keeps forecast on economic growth of Uzbekistan
19 April 2017 11:21
International Monetary Fund (IMF) kept its forecast on the growth of economy of Uzbekistan at the level of 6% in 2017, the April report “World Economic Outlook” of the IMF said.
Russia creates working group on issues on oil supply to Uzbekistan
19 April 2017 11:08
Russia created a working group to work out opportunities on supply of oil to Uzbekistan, RNS agency reported quoting Deputy Energy Minister of Russia Kirill Molodtsov.


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