27 August 2007 08:50
A large-scale campaign to encourage and support women’s initiatives is underway in Uzbekistan. A guide in this action is the Presidential Decree "On additional measures to support the activity of Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan" of 25 May 2004.
27 August 2007 08:53
A Tajik delegation comprising energy specialists left for Tashkent the other day, where they intend to consider together with their Uzbek counterparts issues of using water and energy resources, and, in particular, those of the River Syrdarya, a source in the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan has told Asia-Plus.
27 August 2007 08:51
On 24 August Uzbek TV broadcast a special programme to sum up President Islom Karimov’s visit to southern Qashqadaryo Region to open the new Toshguzor-Boysun-Qumqorgon railway line.
27 August 2007 08:37
Lukoil Overseas, a subsidiary of Russian oil major Lukoil, has completed building a natural gas pipeline at Uzbekistan’s Khauzak gas field, the company said in a statement Friday.
27 August 2007 08:35
State Property Committee of Uzbekistan has extended the deadline for the bids for 49% interest in Ammofos, the largest producer of ammophos (a fertilizer mainly consisting of monoammonium phosphate NH4H2PO4, and partially diammonium phosphate (NH4)2HPO4), and nitrogenous-phosphoric mineral fertilizers in the country. The minimum bid for the state’s stake in the company is US$17.164 million.
27 August 2007 08:13
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the opening ceremony of the new railway line Tashguzar-Baysun-Kumkurgan on 24 August, UzA reported.
24 August 2007 17:24
Aviation of Ukraine State Aircraft Building Concern and Chkalov Tashkent Aviation Production Association (Uzbekistan) discussed cooperation in the production of An-70 and An-70T airplanes during the MAKS 2007 aerospace show.
24 August 2007 12:53
More than 30 new jobs were crated at the Uzbek-Russian Mos-Yan-Teks Joint Venture after the installation of new equipment, UzA reported.
24 August 2007 12:51
Ambassador of China to Uzbekistan Yuy Khunczun held negotiations with Minister of foreign economic relations, investments and trade of Uzbekistan Elyor Ganiyev on 23 August in Tashkent, UzA reported.
23 August 2007 10:09
The Third International Cotton Fair and an International Cotton and Textile Conference titled "The world market for cotton and textile products: current situation and prospects to 2010" will be held on 10-12 September in Tashkent.


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