03 September 2007 11:34
International Land Systems (ILS), Inc. along with the World Bank and the European Union among others, will be helping to sponsor an international workshop in Uzbekistan.
03 September 2007 11:31
Addressing a festive ceremony devoted to the 16th anniversary of Uzbekistan’s independence, shown live on Uzbek TV on 31 August, Uzbek President Islam Karimov said that one of the priorities of the Uzbek government was to further liberalize economy and raise NGOs’ role.
03 September 2007 11:20
A representative office Germany’s Metro Group company has been opened in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent.
03 September 2007 11:06
A new joint venture has been opened in Yakkabog District of Uzbekistan [in southern Qashqadaryo Region]. In line with a cooperation agreement between the "Nuriddin Tadbirkor" private enterprise and "Jiaojian" [name transliterated] plant of the People’s Republic of China, the enterprises’ authorized fund is US$200 million, and 51% of this belongs to the Uzbek side.
30 August 2007 14:22
To reduce the state’s participation in industry by diminishing its interest in the enterprises of the key sectors, to attract foreign direct investments for the modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of productions, and on this basis to raise production of high quality export-oriented goods, as well as to raise the role of private property in the country’s economic development, the President passed a resolution on 20 July this year "On measures to further intensify the processes of privatization and active attracting of foreign investments in 2007-2010".
29 August 2007 15:56
Volga-Dnepr Airlines has signed a firm order with MAK Ilyushin for production and delivery of three IL-76TD-90VD aircrafts.
29 August 2007 10:18
A ceremony to sign a protocol of intent to construct a cement plant in [eastern] Andijon Region’s Buloqboshi District was held in Tashkent on 27 August. The protocol was concluded by the heads of the Uzbek private trade and production company Rivoj and the South Korean company CL LCD, Uzbek newspaper Narodnoye Slovo on 28 August reported.
29 August 2007 09:22
As Uzbekistan waits to celebrate its 16th anniversary of independence, the country’s most important holiday, it should be mentioned that the traversed path has been marked by epochal transformations, the establishment of statehood and the rebirth of national self-consciousness, The Korea Herald reported.
28 August 2007 14:44
ITE Uzbekistan joined the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI).
28 August 2007 09:50
South Korean CL LCD (former CYR) will build cement production plant at Bulakbashi district of Andijan region. The protocol of understanding was signed between Uzbek private trade-production company Rivoj and CYR in Tashkent on 27 August.


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