16 October 2007 17:46
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan and Vatan Charity Fund held a conference on cooperation between Uzbek and Japanese companies in the sphere of processing and manufacturing of leather products.
16 October 2007 16:17
CNPC Silk Road, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Oil & Gas Exploration & Development Corp. (CNODC), a member of the CNPC group, plans to perform 2D seismic work at five investment blocks in Uzbekistan in 2007.
16 October 2007 14:52
Uzbekistan, the world’s second biggest cotton exporter, gathered 3.6 million tonnes of raw cotton so far this year compared to 3.63 tonnes in the whole of 2006, an Agriculture Ministry official said on Tuesday.
16 October 2007 11:12
Uzbek and Latvian entrepreneurs held a business forum in Tashkent on 9 October.
16 October 2007 09:33
Farmers of Uzbekistan gathered more than 3.6 million tonnes of cottonne. This year, the cottonne was cultivated on 1.44 million hectares of lands.
15 October 2007 11:03
LUKoil Overseas, the operator of LUKoil’s projects abroad, has set up a new company as part of the Kandym-Khausak-Shady-Kungrad project in Uzbekistan, LUKoil Overseas said in a press release.
15 October 2007 10:48
2D-seismic operations have started in the Uzbekistan sector of the Aral Sea within the framework of implementation of the Aral project PSA.
15 October 2007 10:44
World Bank and its division International Finance Corporation (IFC) have presented an annual report Doing Business on the problems of business activity regulation and issues of carrying out reforms in the field of entrepreneurship.
11 October 2007 14:48
Far Eastern Transport Group will invest US$3 million in development of transportation in Uzbekistan. Director General of Far Eastern Transport Group OJSC Alexander Zheludkov valued high the role that Uzbekistan and the region as a whole play in the development of international transportation.
11 October 2007 10:33
Linc Energy of Australia has made a strategic acquisition by acquiring a 60% controlling interest in Yerostigaz in Uzbekistan. Yerostigaz was a vital part of the former Soviet Union’s Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) program and has been operating continuously since 1964.


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