11 January 2008 10:20
Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan agreed new price for gas supplies, Kyrgyz Channel 5 TV reported on 9 January. After several rounds of negotiations, the price rose by 43%.
11 January 2008 10:10
Beijing has just given the go-ahead to the construction of a new pipeline which will deliver natural gas from Turkmenistan - a former Soviet republic in Central Asia - to Chinese customers, Straits Times reported.
11 January 2008 09:27
Shareholders in Uzselkhozmash holding company, which unites Uzbekistan’s agricultural machine building companies, decided at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday to liquidate the company, a source in the company’s management told Interfax.
10 January 2008 13:40
Uzbekyengilsanoat state joint stock company, which unites textile enterprises of Uzbekistan, launched 21 new textile enterprises and reconstructed three existing ones in 2007, including 11 enterprises with 100% foreign capital and ten joint ventures.
10 January 2008 13:05
Uzbekistan will charge Russia up to 50% more for natural gas exports in 2008, the Russian daily Gazeta reported on Thursday, citing a report by an Uzbek investment company.
10 January 2008 09:52
Uzbekistan increased excise-duty for imported cigarettes from 1 January 2008 in line with resolution of the Uzbek President Islam Karimov.
10 January 2008 09:33
The Russian Gazprom open joint-stock company will pay US$130 per 1,000 cubic meters of Uzbek gas in the first half of 2008, Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency reported.
10 January 2008 09:30
The US Senate and Congress have announced their plan to allocate US$400 million to the State Department for its work in the post-Soviet space, Kazakh newspaper Delovaya Nedelya has reported.
10 January 2008 09:11
Deva Holding A.S., EastPharma’s subsidiary (Turkey), announced the successful opening of its authorized representative office in Uzbekistan.
09 January 2008 12:19
World Bank forecasted that the economy of Uzbekistan increased 7.7% in 2007 and 5% in next two years. World Bank issued its Global Economic Prospects 2008 (GEP 2008) on 8 January 2008.


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