08 February 2008 15:57
Uzbekistan’s state energy company Uzbekenergo has denied reports released by some media that Uzbekistan has allegedly suspended electricity supplies to Tajikistan since 4 February as unfounded, said.
08 February 2008 15:32
Toshshahartranshizmat (Tashkent city transport services) association will buy 200 Mercedes-Benz Conecto Low Floor buses in 2008, reported on 8 February 2008 quoting press service of the Uzbek company.
08 February 2008 15:20
Efes Breweries International (EBI) of Turkey and Heineken of the Netherlands are planning to acquire two largest brewers in 2008-2009, Russian Prime-Tass reported.
08 February 2008 15:01
LUKOIL Overseas, OAO LUKOIL’s 100% owned subsidiary, has reached agreement with ZAO MGNK SoyuzNefteGaz to aquire a controlling interest in a group of companies, one of which is SoyuzNefteGaz Vostok Limited, a signatory to the Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) on the South-Western Guissar and Ustyurtsk Region fields in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
08 February 2008 10:10
An Istanbul-based businessmen’s association is set to open a Turkish export products in Uzbek capital Tashkent on 1 April.
07 February 2008 10:16
The aircraft building plant in Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent, has become part of Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation, the Central Asian state’s president said Wednesday, RIA Novosti reported.
06 February 2008 19:57
Russia and Uzbekistan reaffirmed on Wednesday plans to modernize a Soviet-era gas pipeline to boost supplies, consolidating Moscow’s monopoly on Central Asian gas.
06 February 2008 15:12
Head of Iran’s Customs Administration Mohammad Hashem Rahbar conferred on Tuesday with Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister and head of Iran-Uzbek Joint Economic Commission Nadir Khanov on expansion of economic cooperation between the two countries.
06 February 2008 13:47
Uzbekistan has suspended electric power supplies to neighbouring Tajikistan that is experiencing global energy crisis, the deputy head of the Tajik state-run electricity provider Barki Tojik, Rashid Gulov, said on Wednesday.
06 February 2008 11:56
Uzbekistan Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways) plans to buy fast-speed diesel locomotives for US$27.4 million, press service of the Uzbek company said.


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