17 July 2007 09:05
Grain growers of Uzbekistan completed their obligations selling over 6,250,000 tonnes of grain to state.
16 July 2007 11:25
The construction of a fashionable business complex on the total area of over 70 hectares will be launched in the centre of Tashkent by the end of this year, Rosbalt quoted a source in khokimiat (city hall) of Uzbekistan’s capital.
16 July 2007 11:09
A joint venture, Kogonteks LLC, is being set up in Tutikun village of Kagan district on the initiative of the head of Dav Dil Farm Davlat Hoykulov, reported.
13 July 2007 09:04
A presentation of the Sarbast trademark owned by the high quality beer producer Sarbast Plus Uzbek-Swedish Joint Venture was held on 12 July at InterContinental Hotel.
12 July 2007 15:21
UzDaewooAuto, Uzbek car maker, plans to launch the production of a modernized Nexia model in January 2008. The design of the new car was developed in cooperation with the Concept Group, a European engineering company, and based on the recommendations of the car’s dealers in Russia. Moreover, UzDaewooAuto will from now on be an exclusive producer of the M200 and M300 models of General Motors for the CIS market.
12 July 2007 09:12
US-based Newmont Mining Corp. said on Wednesday it would receive US$$80 million as part of a settlement of a dispute centering on a joint venture with the Republic of Uzbekistan.
12 July 2007 09:00
First Vice-Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said Russia was taking active steps towards filling integration projects with Central Asian countries in the fuel and energy sector with concrete substance, Itar-Tass reported.
11 July 2007 09:16
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a resolution to boost edible oil and fat industry via modernization of capacities and deep processing of cotton seeds, as well as production of export oriented and import replacing products.
11 July 2007 08:51
Russian aircraft vendor AviaBalt plans to sign a contract to supply a large number of Il-114 jets to Venezuela, the company said Tuesday.
10 July 2007 09:23
The Tashkent Aircraft Industry Corporation will join the Unified Aircraft Industry Corporation, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said on Monday.


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