18 December 2007 09:20
Washington Post of the USA and Financial Times of the U.K. published materials the title "Uzbekistan. Modern land with ancient history - open for business", Jahon news agency of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry reported.
17 December 2007 17:31
Uzbekistan opened polling stations for voting at presidential election at 43 diplomatic missions in Uzbekistan. "Forty-three polling stations for the presidential election have been opened in Uzbekistan’s diplomatic missions in foreign countries for our citizens," the Central Election Commission (CEC) told Interfax on Friday.
17 December 2007 17:20
On Monday, 10 December 2007, the last shipment of more than 750,000 life-saving vaccines was loaded on an airplane bound for Uzbekistan, in the final chapter of an extraordinary humanitarian effort in Canada spearheaded by UNICEF, sanofi-aventis Group, one of the country’s leading medical aid agencies, and the logistics division of DHL to provide badly needed medicines to the children of Uzbekistan.
17 December 2007 21:40
The Kyrgyz-Uzbek border demarcation problem is a legacy of the former Soviet Union, Kyrgyz border official Salamat Alamanov has said in an interview to a local edition of Russian popular tabloid. Alamanov said that patience and time is needed to resolve border problems. The following is an excerpt of the article by Sadyrbek Cherikov entitled "Salamat Alamanov: The determination of borders is an intellectual task" and published by the Kyrgyzstan edition of Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda on 5 December; subheadings have been inserted editorially:
17 December 2007 08:30
The Uzbek presidential candidate from the Adolat Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Dilorom Toshmuhammadova, met voters in Samarqand Region on 13 December.
17 December 2007 08:27
Preparations for the Uzbek presidential election and meetings with voters in the localities are under way in the country. The Uzbek presidential candidate from the initiative group of voters, Akmal Saidov, met voters in Sirdaryo Region on 13 December.
17 December 2007 08:24
A candidate for the Uzbek presidency from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (LDPU) - the movement of businessmen and entrepreneurs - (incumbent Uzbek President) Islam Karimov met voters in Tashkent Region on 13 December.
17 December 2007 08:08
UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan Reza Hossaini has been awarded a presidential order of Friendship, or Do’stlik.
14 December 2007 12:51
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uzbekistan to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Otabek Akbarov presented credentials to Queen Elizabeth II.
14 December 2007 12:34
A group of students of the Academy for State and Social Construction (ASSC) under the President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with international and national mechanism of protection of women’s rights on 12 December.


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