16 August 2007 11:02
The United Nations is committed to interaction with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the UN Deputy Secretary-General Linn Pasko said on 15 August following talks with the Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Ednan Karabayev.
16 August 2007 09:29
Just ahead of a regional summit in Central Asia, the top United Nations political official is meeting with authorities in Kyrgyzstan today on issues of mutual concern, a spokesperson for the world body announced.
16 August 2007 09:04
The United Nations Office in Uzbeistan published the "MDG Youth Breifing Kit: a practical guide for students" on occasion of International Youth Day-celerated wordwide on 12 August 2. This publication targeting the young people in Uzbekistan was released in the wake of International Youth Day to commemorate and empasize the youth participation at global and country level. This year International Youth Day will be celebrated around the world under teh slogan "Be seen, be heard: youth participation for development". UN Office in Uzbekstan marks this event with release of new publication to mobilize active participation of youth in development issues.
16 August 2007 08:22
The Shanghai security and economic alliance is interested in involving energy-rich Turkmenistan, which is not a member, in its activities, RIA Novosti reported quoting a deputy Russian foreign minister.
16 August 2007 08:20
The leaders of China, Russia and four Central Asian states meet Thursday in Kyrgyzstan to build on growing military and political ties and counter US influence in the region.
16 August 2007 08:17
Chinese President Hu Jintao on Wednesday urged Central Asian countries to work together to enhance cooperation so as to speed up regional integration and promote economic and social development in the region.
15 August 2007 17:17
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov left for Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan on 15 August, Uzbekistan National News Agency (UzA) reported.
15 August 2007 14:20
The Healthcare Department of Tomsk Oblast (Russia) has received an official letter of invitation from the Minister of Healthcare of Uzbekistan Feruz Nazirov to visit and familiarize with the healthcare system of the country.
15 August 2007 14:16
More than 4 kg of heroin has been seized in an operation carried out by Uzbek police in cooperation with the country’s security service, Uzbek TV reported on 10 August.
15 August 2007 14:07
In accordance with a mutual agreement, a working meeting of delegations from the Uzbek and Kyrgyz interior ministries was held in the Kyrgyz town of Osh on 9 August. The delegations were led by Uzbek Interior Minister Lt-Gen Bahodir Matlubov and Kyrgyz Interior Minister Bolotbek Nogoybayev.


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