24 November 2007 14:13
Central Asia is the arena for a media war between the US and Russia, and the former seems to be getting the upper hand, the Kyrgyz Belyy Parokhod newspaper has said. US-backed Radio Liberty, Voice of America and Internews Network have stepped up their activities in southern Kyrgyzstan, which borders on the Uzbek regions of Namangan, Andijon and Farghona.
23 November 2007 09:22
The Ijtimoiy Fikr public opinion centre has conducted a survey with the aim of studying the life priorities and social position of young people in Uzbekistan in the conditions of the fundamental reforms taking place in the society, UzA reported.
23 November 2007 09:14
The election manifesto of a presidential candidate, Asliddin Rustamov, calls for carrying out effective reforms in the social sector with an emphasis on socially vulnerable groups. Other priority areas include increasing the efficiency of the public utilities sector through creating a competitive environment and introducing procedures for setting tariffs; improving political and legal awareness of the citizens; and enhancing environment protection policy incorporating the use of environment-friendly technologies. The following is an excerpt from Rustamov’s election manifesto published in Uzbek newspaper Khalq Sozi on 22 November
23 November 2007 09:05
On 21 November, as part of the start of the presidential campaign, Uzbek TV broadcast a platform speech of a presidential candidate, Asliddin Rustamov, nominated from the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.
23 November 2007 09:00
Uzbek TV’s first channel on 22 November broadcast a speech of a presidential candidate, Dilorom Toshmuhammadova, nominated from the Adolat Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.
23 November 2007 08:57
Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov met with heads of CIS governments before the start of a CIS heads of government council meeting on 22 November, reported quoting the Turkmen State News Service (TDH).
22 November 2007 13:39
The website of the Welfare Improvement Strategy for 2008-2010 (WIS) has been launched and it provides information the strategy and relevant materials, press release of UNDP project Support to Uzbekistan’s Welfare Improvement Strategy said on 21 November.
22 November 2007 11:13
The topical soiree dedicated to the Republic of Uzbekistan was held at the largest Italian University of La Sapienza.
22 November 2007 11:08
The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Brussels held a briefing on the reforms in the sphere of health in Uzbekistan.
22 November 2007 10:14
A new border post building has opened in the eastern Uzbek region of Andijon, Uzbek TV reported on 20 November.


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