Turnover of UZSE reaches 298.6 billion soums
17 January 2018 16:30
Turnover of Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) reached 298.6 billion soums, which is 0.4% lower compared to 2016 (299.8 billion soums).
UZEX sells car number plates for 14.4 billion soums
24 November 2017 18:04
Uzbekistan Commodity Exchange (UZEX) sold state number plates of automobiles worth 14.4 billion soums through the AVTORAQAM system.
UZEX registers transactions for 11.4 trillion soums in 10 months
24 November 2017 17:04
Uzbekistan Commodity Exchange (UZEX) registered transactions worth 11.4 trillion soums in ten months of 2017, which is 16% more than in the same period of 2016.
Trade turnover of UZSE makes up 72.8bn soums in Jan-Oct
09 November 2017 12:23
Trade turnover of Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) made up 72.8 billion soums in January-October 2017 compared to 198.1 billion soums in 10 months of 2016.
UZSE registers deals for 4.4bn soums in October
09 November 2017 12:15
Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) registered deals with the securities for US$4.4 billion soums in October 2017.
UZSE turnover makes up 68.4bn soums in January-September
01 November 2017 14:04
Trade turnover with securities of Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) made up 68.4 billion soums in January-September against 170.4 billion soums in the same period of 2016.
UZEX registers deals for 10.2 trillion soum in January-September
20 October 2017 10:26
Uzbekistan Commodity Exchange (UZEX) registered deals for 10.2 billion soums in the first nine months of 2017, which grew by 16.7% year-on-year.
UZSE registers transactions for 2 billion soums in September
13 October 2017 16:01
Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) registered transactions with securities for 2 billion soums in September 2017.
Quartz to carry out IPO of shares
13 October 2017 10:33
Quartz Joint Stock Company has issued 4.57 million shares worth 7.84 billion soums.
President approves measures on ordering exchange and exhibition trade fair
30 September 2017 09:35
Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a resolution “On measures to further ordering exchange and fair trade”.


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