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Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- On 8-9 February, the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on tourism development and the Kokkadarya district khokimiyat organized an info-tour in Shahrisabz for media journalists and tour operators.

The main purpose of the event was to draw the attention of journalists to a unique region of the Kashkadarya region for the development of tourism and present possible tourist routes and festivals on various topics.

Our correspondent talked with some of the info tour participants.

Head of the regional department of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kashkadarya region Otabek Olimjonov:

“The last Maqom festival in our city gave a great experience in holding such large-scale events and we are ready to hold festivals on various topics with all the benefits for tourists visiting our region. As part of the tour, I would like to present you with presentations of new tourist destinations and tourism potential of Kashkadarya region, the concept of “Shakhrisabz-City of Festivals”, the videos of “City of Festivals”, “International Festival of National Clothes”, “Kupkari”.

Specialist of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Kashkadarya region Shokhrukh Jalolov.

“As part of the program to create additional places to accommodate tourists for 2018–2019, in 2019 in the Kitab, Yakkabag, Shakhrisabz districts and Karshi city, 10 guest houses will be opened, another 30 houses in Shakhrisabz have already started their activities after the Maqom festival. In addition, more than 14 projects for construction of hotels and the reconstruction of existing ones for 178 billion soums will be implemented, of which 141.5 billion soums were allocated by banks.”

Investor, Jokdan Oxley Seo (Canada):

“It is assumed that as part of our joint project in Shakhrisabz, energy-efficient urban lighting, automated monitoring of road services, online monitoring of the environment and water quality, a Wi-Fi zone, and a modern waste management system will be introduced.”

D.J. Ochil musician (Uzbekistan):

“With our team we are planning to organize the only electronic music festival “Shahrisabz muzic dance” in Shakhrisabz, we will invite musicians from abroad, we will invite our talented guys. I think that our ideas will please the youth of Kashkadarya and I hope that the Hokimiyat will support our ideas in the future.”

Rashidhon Kaydarov, guest house "Eshonpyr Hostel":

“Our home is over 200 years old, everything is in its original form. All conditions have been created for the guests, we can demonstrate for them a master class on cooking national dishes. We already have our guests who come to us and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances”.

Nuriddinov Shakhobiddin, entrepreneur, Kitob, Kashkadarya:

“I’m already 75 years old, I have worked as a machine operator all my life. Now I decided to devote my life to tourism in my hometown. I plan to build a 3-5 star hotel complex at an altitude of 4643 meters above sea level. I want to name the complex in honor of my father, recently I submitted all the documents for obtaining a license. The Kashkadarya branch of the State Committee for Tourism supported me, the local bank promised a soft loan for my project. I think I will succeed.”

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