Winner of competition for development of Tashkent logo determined

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- In July 2018, the experts of the Public Council launched a project to develop the concept of the Tashkent city brand and organize a contest.

The objectives of the project were to create a positive image of the city in order to improve its investment attractiveness, strengthen regional positions in Central Asia, and create an atmosphere of a promising and favorable place for living, investment and tourism.

For three months, data were collected and analyzed to determine the uniqueness and values of the city and its inhabitants in order to develop a brand platform, on the basis of which an identity (visual image) and communication activities to promote the city’s brand inside and outside the country are formed. The brand platform, which is based on the idea: “Tashkent is our common home” was presented in September 2018 and approved by the Tashkent Khokim Jakhongir Artykhodjaev.

At the beginning of October, an introductory seminar was held, to which designers were invited, wishing to take part in the development of the logo of Tashkent on a competitive basis. The event presented information on the scope of the city’s brand and world examples on territorial branding.

Anyone declared participant could send their competitive work until 31 October. Both local and foreign designers took part in the competition. In November, a competition commission of 10 people identified four final works. Evaluation of the work took place on such criteria as creative execution, creative potential, integration and national elements. The competition commission included representatives of the Public Council, specialists in the field of marketing, branding, design, having experience in Uzbekistan, Russia and the countries of Europe and Asia.

The winner of the competition was the MA’NO branding agency.

The main sign is the open golden gate of Tashkent and the clear sky, which is formed in the letter T, a symbol of purity, well-being and tranquility. The sign is dynamic and easily transformed depending on the conditions and direction of communications, can change color and include various thematic patterns and figures, which allows integrating it into any urban environment, including museums, parks, public services and other internal and external communications, remaining at the same time recognizable, thanks to its stable geometric design. A sign can have a huge amount of variations even within one theme, which opens up wide possibilities for its application.

The Public Council under Tashkent Khokimiyat plans to hold a presentation of the city’s brand for interested persons and journalists. At the event will be told how to create work. The full version of the presentation of the brand of the city with video and infographics will be downloaded for free access.

The Tashkent city administration together with the Public Council will soon approve regulations on the use of the city brand logo, which will indicate the places, methods and conditions for using the identity.

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