Tulips from the Netherlands to be planted in Namangan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- A joint venture was created with Dutch farmers Jan Ligtharth in Namangan to develop floriculture in the region. It was created at the support of the Center for Development of Floriculture.

The administration of the region allocated 5 hectares of land for this project, which Jan Ligtharth personally chose, taking into account the location, humidity level, wind direction and temperature in different seasons of the year, Dunyo news agency reported.

In mid-January 2019, a delegation led by the rector of the Namangan Institute of Technological Engineers O. Mamatkarimov, with the participation of the leadership of the Floriculture Center, visited the family farm led by Jan Ligtharth in the Netherlands. During the visit, an acquaintance with the whole cycle of tulip cultivation, from planting bulbs to selling at auctions organized in the country, took place.

The Uzbek delegation studied with great interest questions of the selection bulbs for their further use in the process of planting in the fields, as well as the available selection of tulip varieties, their colors and the possibility of creating more modern, frost-resistant, long-barred tulips. Farmers got acquainted with the technique used for growing tulips, in particular, sowing and collecting devices, the process of storing bloomed tulips to ensure their long-term trading look.

As Jan Ligtharth noted, using existing technologies, Dutch tulips can be stored for up to 3 weeks, which allows them to be exported over long distances, even by road.

During the visit, the delegation members also visited a specialized exhibition of agricultural technology used for growing flowers, and also held talks with a number of educational institutions, including with the leadership of large agricultural universities - Wageningen and Groningen universities.

According to the results of the negotiations held in the Netherlands, an agreement was reached on starting a project on growing tulip bulbs and flowers in Namangan region this year.

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