UZSE turnover makes up 687.9 billion soums in 2018

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The volume of exchange transactions with corporate securities on Uzbekistan Stock Exchange (UZSE) in 2018 amounted to 687.9 billion soums, which is 2.3 times more than last year (298.6 billion soums in 2017).

The number of transactions concluded on the stock exchange for the first time exceeded 10,000 and totaled 13,751 units, which is almost 5.3 times more than in 2017 (2,572 transactions).

During the reporting period, 10.0 billion securities of 117 joint-stock companies were sold.

In 2018, the large share of deals were conducted with shares and corporate bonds of companies engaged in the provision of financial services - banking services, services of insurance and leasing companies.

About 88.7% of exchange turnover or 610.3 billion soums were conducted with the shares of the financial sector, including 85.9% of the exchange turnover, or 591.0 billion soums were carried out with the shares of the commercial banks.

Turnover with shares of insurance and leasing companies amounted to 10.9 billion soums (1.6%) and 8.3 billion soums (1.2%), respectively.

Deals for 17.5 billion soums (2.6% of total exchange) were conducted with securities of the agro-industrial complex, 15.7 billion soums (2.3%) - with securities of enterprises in the industrial sector and 15.6 billion soums (2.3%) – with securities of enterprises in the construction industry.

In a territorial aspect, the deals with securities of enterprises of 13 regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan were recorded. The largest volume of transactions was registered with the shares of enterprises of the city of Tashkent - 67.7% and Ferghana region - 14.8% of the total turnover.

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