Customs officers detain large quantities of pyrotechnic products

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Employees of the State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan are taking comprehensive measures to identify and suppress the facts of illegal trafficking of pyrotechnic products.

Employees of the railway border customs post “Keles” of in Tashkent together with the staff of the Committee for Protection of the State Border of the Republic of Uzbekistan carried out customs inspection of freight train wagons and revealed an illegal batch of pyrotechnic products.

It turned out that the wagons of the freight train were loaded with pyrotechnic products with a total weight of 822 kg, which was not indicated in the cargo accompanying documents.

According to preliminary estimates, the total amount of 16,448 pyrotechnics units of 6 types was 164 million soums.

In addition to pyrotechnics, more than 1,300 units of medicinal products of 13 types, as well as 497 perfumery products of 15 types were found in the same carriage.

Currently, on the revealed facts, customs checks are conducted.

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