Parents to take part in management of state kindergartens

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- For the first time in the history of the preschool education system, parents and public structures received the authority to manage the kindergartens. On 3 December 2018, the Regulation “On the Supervisory Board of the Pre-School Educational Institution” was approved.

The activities of the Supervisory Boards will allow parents to be involved in the educational process and ensure the transparency of the preschool institutions.

 “Supervisory boards will fundamentally change the kindergartens management system. If earlier heads were accountable to territorial divisions of preschool education, now they will be responsible for their actions to the most interested persons - parents. Heads will no longer be able to make individual decisions, and dishonest managers will lose the opportunity to improperly spend money. In case of detection of financial violations, the Supervisory Board will raise the issue of dismissing the head. Dear parents, now it is you who determine how the preschool educational institution should work,” the deputy head of the main department of the Minister of Preschool Education Sanjar Obidov said.

Members of the Supervisory Board will elect the head from among the proposed candidates and make proposals for his dismissal, accept financial statements (reports on financial status, profits and spending, use of budgetary and extrabudgetary funds and sponsors’ funds), conduct surveys on the activities of PEU employees, determine priorities , monitor their performance, etc.

The supervisory board of preschool institutions will necessarily include 3 parents from each group (elected by parents themselves by simple vote at the parent meeting), 2 teachers / tutor assistants, 1 representative of the pre-school education administration, 1 representative of the territorial pre-school education unit and 2 representatives of public structures (for example, mahalla committee) and sponsors.

Meetings of the Supervisory Board will be held at least once per quarter. In non-state pre-school institutions, the formation of the Supervisory Board is advisory in nature.

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