Ukraine stops anti-subsidy investigation regarding the import of cars from Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Ukraine stopped the anti-subsidy investigation regarding the import of cars manufactured in Uzbekistan. It was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.

The relevant decision was made on 3 December at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission of Ukraine on International Trade.

In early October, interdepartmental commission of Ukraine on international trade launched an anti-subsidy investigation into the import of passenger cars from Uzbekistan on the basis of a complaint by the Ukrainian Automobile Manufacturers Association Ukravtoprom.

The Ukrainian side noted that the manufacturer could receive subsidies from the government of Uzbekistan, which would create unequal conditions for the Ukrainian automakers.

During the investigation, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine provided official explanations, they are given in the statement of the Ministry of Economic Development.

According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan dated 21 August 2008 “On establishment of an enterprise with foreign investments”, Uzbek producers were granted privileges until the end of 2017. Since 2018, they are not valid, the report said.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan also informed the Ukrainian side that the main share of exports of Uzbek cars in Ukraine is accounted for small class A cars, which are not produced in Ukraine.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, in 2017, Ukraine imported 13,940 new cars, of which 2,820 - from Uzbekistan. In January-August 2018, 7,800 cars were imported to Ukraine, of which 702 were from Uzbekistan.

The Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine stresses that, compared to 2017 in 2018, the share of Uzbek cars in total imports decreased from 20.3% to 9%, and the last months of 2018, imports from Uzbekistan are almost absent.

The Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade found that the use of compensatory measures was not necessary, and also decided to terminate the anti-subsidy investigation regarding the import into Ukraine of cars originating from Uzbekistan “without using measures”.

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