Yandex launches precipitation map in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 30 November 2018, Yandex.Pogoda began to show precipitation map in Uzbekistan. The map shows where it will snow or rain in the near future. Thanks to this, users will be able, for example, to see whether the downtown will cover the downpour or bypass it.

The forecast of precipitation is calculated two hours ahead at ten-minute intervals: you can see where it will be ten, twenty, thirty minutes and so on. The main page of the service displays warnings that help you understand the forecast without opening the map: “It will start to rain for half an hour” or, for example, “In the next two hours, rain and snow will not stop.”

The precipitation map not only helps not to get under the rain - it is interesting to watch it. For example, you can detect how long the bad weather gets from Tashkent to Namangan, or find out in which direction of the light rain clouds move more often.

To predict precipitation, Yandex uses satellite imagery, which it receives every few minutes. A trained neural network processes photographs of the atmosphere taken from space and predicts the movement of precipitation regions.

Right now, residents of Uzbekistan can see the precipitation map in the Yandex application for iOS and Android and on the website In the application Yandex, the map will work soon.

The Yandex.Pogoda service is based on Meteum technology. It uses data from weather stations, satellites, Yandex.Maps and other sources. First, Meteum processes the data with classical forecasting methods, and then specifies the result using machine learning technologies. This allows to build a local forecast - up to the street or even at home.

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