Uzbekistan to introduce blockchain in the field of culture

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The Foundation for Development of Culture and Arts under the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan and the Digital Trust Support and Development Foundation for the Digital Economy signed a memorandum.

In accordance with the document, the funds will cooperate in the implementation of blockchain technologies in the field of culture.

The Foundation for Development of Culture and Art needs a single online platform for transparency and monitoring of work. Today, there is the problem of the fragmentation of technology and the system in which theaters and other government institutions operate.

“It is very important for us to know our target audience - visitors to museums, theaters, concerts. We need to know this information and monitor it, but today there is no such possibility. Blockchain will allow to accumulate relevant information, eliminate the possibility of data manipulation. Selling tickets online will give more benefits to the end user and will have a positive impact on the development of the sphere of culture and tourism. And the most important thing is that we are not creating a monopoly: the system will be designed in such a way that all interested companies will be able to work on this platform,” Gayane Umerova, Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation for the Development of Culture and Arts, said.

The Digital Trust Foundation will advise and assist in drafting terms of reference for the development of the platform and its subsequent implementation.

 “We do not undertake the project implementation. The role of the Foundation consists in consulting, recommendations, competent preparation of technical specifications, where the whole process of implementing blockchain technologies for creating a platform will be described in stages, as well as joint search for a competent platform developer company. For completeness, we will conduct an audit of business processes. As a result, the EESBO Unified Electronic Ticket Operations Accounting System will be created. This is an online platform, where people can buy tickets to theaters, museums, zoos, cinemas and other entertainment public institutions online,” Bobir Akilkhanov, investment director of Digital Trust Foundation, said.

Innovations in the sale of tickets for cultural events are introduced in accordance with the Presidential Decree of August 26, 2018 “On measures for the innovative development of the sphere of culture and art in the Republic of Uzbekistan”. The interaction of the parties will be held in such key areas as:

- Development of the Unified Electronic Ticket Operations Accounting System "EESBO";

- Joint preparation of scientific materials;

-Conduct information events

- Systematic exchange of information and experience;

- Mutual internships and consultations.

The electronic ticket sales system for various cultural events has proven its effectiveness and transparency in many countries. The creation of a single electronic site for selling tickets with blockchain elements will make it possible to modernize the cultural sphere, eliminating the existing drawbacks and costs.

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