Photo exhibition “The History of Uzbek Cinema” opens in Tashkent


Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 27 November, a photo exhibition “History of Uzbek Cinema” opened at the Palace of Youth Creativity within the International Film Festival PROlogue.

The exhibition consists of 70 photographs depicting 6 periods of development of Uzbek cinema:

1925 - 1937 - “Minaret of death”, “Second wife”, etc.

1943 - 1959 - “Oath”, “Bai and Batrac”, etc.

1960 - 1969 - “The whole makhalla says about this,” “Tashkent is the city of grain,” etc.

1970 - 1979 - "The mischievous", "The Seventh Bullet", etc.

1980 - 1990 - “Who are you?”, “Daughter’s Riot”, etc.

1991 - 2018 - “Homeland”, “Persistence”, etc.

Monitors will be placed in the exhibition hall, where they will demonstrate the most important photos in 3D format.

The author of the photo exhibition is Gairat Muminov. The exhibition will run until November 29th.

The IV International Film Festival PROlogue is organized by the Youth Union of Uzbekistan in cooperation with the National Agency Uzbekkino, Tashkent city administration, the Center for the Development of Cinematography, the Council of Young Cinematographers, the National Film Commission of Uzbekistan.

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