Canon presents new full-frame mirrorless EOS R camera in Uzbekistan


Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Canon presented a new full-frame mirrorless camera and optics line as part of the revolutionary EOS R system with the new RF bayonet to the professional photo community.

Traditionally, the company provided an opportunity for photographers and journalists to test camera capabilities by organizing testing in one of the largest museums in Central Asia - the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan.

Speaking about the latest development of the company during the official part of the presentation, Canon technical specialist Ferenc Torek noted that the EOS R system, designed from scratch, offers a completely new level of innovation, making possible more detailed images with an inaccessible level of image sharpness.

The EOS R is the first camera equipped with a new 12-pin RF bayonet with a working length of 20 mm and a bayonet mounting diameter of 54 mm, which allows designing lenses with more flexible parameters than previously possible.

“The expectations of the public are growing every day, and in order not only to justify them, but to surpass them, Canon pays great attention to development. We are really proud of the release of the new model, because it is the result of the painstaking work of our entire development team, which equipped EOS R with the most advanced innovations,” the speaker emphasized.

According to the company, the camera is equipped with the fastest autofocus in the world (focusing speed is only 0.05 seconds) and is capable of instantly and accurately shooting moving objects at speeds up to 8 frames / sec. with fixed focus at 5 frames / sec. in servo autofocus mode. The EOS R also features the Touchand Drag AF system, which provides an intuitive choice of 5655 autofocus positions, which is more than any other camera in this class. EOS R is the first camera in the world capable of focusing in low light conditions up to -6 exposure levels (-6EV). This camera is also ideal for shooting in adverse lighting conditions thanks to the latest electronic viewfinder with 3.69 million pixels and a 100% coverage of the frame, allowing you to see objects in the right color even in conditions of almost complete darkness.

The EOS R system has the ability to shoot in complete silence, which will be useful both for photojournalists and for photographers of special occasions in situations where the sound of the shutter is undesirable.

At the event, Ambassador of Canon in Russia Katya Mukhina also spoke at the event. She was one of the first in the world to familiarize herself with the EOS R cameras.

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