Uzbekistan publishes “Maqom” book-album

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- “Maqom” book-album has been published within the framework of activities on further development of Uzbek national art of maqom conducted at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The publication, designed to preserve the unique musical heritage of Uzbek people and transmit it in its original form to new generations, contains sections on works of ancient thinkers, scholars and poets dedicated to the musical art of maqom.

Particular attention is paid to philosophy of this art, works of such scholars as Farabi, Ibn Sina, Maragi, Kavkabi and others, the history of different directions of maqom, including Bukhara shashmaqom, Khorezm “Six and a half maqom” and “Dutar maqom”, as well as Fergana – Tashkent maqom.

The publication describes the process of revival of the national musical notation “Tanbur chizgilari”, transferring to notes “Six and a half maqom” and “Dutar maqom”, as well as the first recording of maqom on punch cards at the beginning of the last century.

The book outlines the specifics and technology of making musical instruments, widely used in performance of maqom, names of famous masters are mentioned.

Publication is illustrated with unique panoramic photographs reflecting the role and schools of maqom in cultural development of various regions of Uzbekistan, as well as rare photographs, which present the history of development of this musical art over the last century.

Multimedia collection “Shashmaqom. Oltin Bisot”, which is attached to the book-album, is a collection of audio recordings from the golden fund of the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, performed in 1959-1963 by the “Maqom” ensemble under the direction of academician Yunus Rajabi.

It should be noted that the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in November 2017 signed a resolution “On measures for further development of Uzbek national art of maqom”. The document provides for creation of conditions for a comprehensive study of the art of Uzbek maqom, development of associated performing schools and traditions, creation and enrichment of maqom’s golden fund, and its widespread propaganda, including abroad.

Holding on a traditional basis of the International Forum of Maqom Art in Shakhrisabz and creation of Uzbek National Art of Maqom Center is among the main tasks. The first forum successfully held this year brought together performers, musicologists and researchers, international experts from over 70 countries of the world.

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