Uzavtosanoat launches online platform for selling GM Uzbekistan cars

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 7 November 2018 Uzavtosanoat launches the Internet and mobile platform for selling GM Uzbekistan cars online - Uzavtosavdo.

According to the company, every resident and guests of Uzbekistan can purchase a car on the website, as well as by downloading the mobile application Uzavtosavdo for mobile phones on Android and iOS.

To purchase a car, the user must be registered in the One Identification System (One ID). And in the presence of EDS (digital signature), it is possible to purchase a car through the application even while being abroad.

The user chooses a car model, modification, color, and even a dealership. In addition, the client can make full or partial online payment for the car. The process is fully automated.

The user will receive his turn number and the number of vehicles available from the dealer. If the desired vehicle is not available from the dealer - the order will be directly sent to the automotive plant.

The buyer will receive a unique contract number and an individual VIN-number of the car. After that, the buyer must pay 3% of the cost of the selected car by credit card and then pay the remaining amount.

“The main reason for dissatisfaction and claims to the old sales system were long lines for obtaining contracts, payment and waiting for the car itself for a long time. The reason for this was fictitious queues created by unscrupulous people who delayed the process of acquiring a car for an indefinite period. The introduction of 3% advance payment allows to eliminate this reason and guarantee the buyer to deliver the car as soon as possible,” the company noted.

Uzavtosavdo application allows customers to control the whole process from the very beginning. Users of the application will know their turn and date of receipt of the car.

“In the form of an additional bonus after paying 85% of the cost of the car you have chosen, you will be able to take advantage of the free delivery of the car right home,” the company notes.

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