Beeline presents first Olympic pool to future champions

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- A solemn opening ceremony of the Olympic pool was held at the Republican College of Olympic Reserve.

The memorable opening of the facility was held with the participation of the National Olympic Committee, the Foundation for the Development of Children’s Sport, the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, the management of Beeline and media representatives.

The company announced construction last year, and today the Beeline Uzbekistan team, on behalf of the international group of companies VEON, has commissioned a new sports complex for the RCOR.

- We have invested in this object not only funds and resources, but above all, our faith in future champions and new victories, the whole team laid out at 1000% and gave the project a piece of his soul. Many people ask - why the pool, why children’s sports? In fact, this is a unique case for us, when both the leadership of VEON and we, for our part, unanimously spoke out in support of the Olympic sport in Uzbekistan. This is our social responsibility, our investments in young people, future athletes and country prospects. We believe that everything that you saw today will provide new opportunities, and someone’s big dreams and victories will be realized!

According to the developers, the sports complex is a unique building 50 meters long and 25 meters wide, meeting all the requirements of preparing athletes for the Olympic standards. The building has all the conditions and opportunities for training, and the pool itself is not just a water structure, but a kind of training class, where both lecture and practical classes will be held.

The equipment from Spain and Denmark was imported to the object. Starting tables, dividing ribbons, flagpoles, stairs, markings of the bottom and end walls of the pool bowl meet the most modern requirements of the International Federation of FINA. The pool is fully ready for the international standard competitions - an interactive scoreboard, lighting equipment has been installed, special panels for the finish have been delivered.

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