Uzbekistan to start registering mobile devices using IMEI code

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Starting from 1 April 2019, Uzbekistan will start registering mobile devices using IMEI-code.

On 22 October, the Government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution, which envisages introduction of a mobile device registration system using the IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

This decision was made to protect the rights of owners of mobile devices by checking the correctness of the unique identification codes, prevent illegal use of devices without the knowledge of the owners and prevent the implementation of low-quality devices.

According to the document, registration will affect used, imported and produced mobile phones and devices with a mobile communication module.

Center UZINFOCOM will create a special information system for registration of devices. The work will be funded by the ICT Development Fund.

It is expected that the services of registration and verification of the status of the identification code will be provided via the Internet. Registration and advisory services will be launched in the regions.

The Government of Uzbekistan instructed the Ministry for Development of Information Technologies and Communication to determine within 3 months whether the registration will be paid, what the cost of the service will be, in what order it will be provided.

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