Concept of “Smart City” has been submitted for discussion in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan has published for discussion a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers on the approval of the Smart City Concept.

The purpose of the Concept is to identify the main directions of projects for the creation of modern production and engineering and communication infrastructures in the regions by introducing innovative technologies "Smart City", aimed at improving living standards and ensuring that the economic, social, environmental and cultural needs of the current and future generations of the population of Uzbekistan.

The concept lists main directions of introduction of innovative technologies “Smart City”, including “Smart Transport” (Intelligent Transport System), “Electronic Militia”, Security subsystem and e-education, as well as e-health, Smart energy, water supply and sanitation, smart housing and utilities.

The document sets tasks of the state bodies on development of Smart City in Uzbekistan and goals of the concept.

The concept should help to decrease unemployment, improve education level of people, increase interaction of population and government using ICT, reduce energy consumptions, improve drinking water, reduce water loses, etc.

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