MyWay with Ministry of Public Education launch project on free vocational guidance testing of schoolchildren

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- MyWay Proforientation with the support of the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan launched a joint pilot project on vocational guidance, which will allow students of 9 classes of secondary schools to select their future jobs.

Practice shows that in most cases the future of adolescents is determined by parents, choosing professions for their children, sometimes even without regard for their interests and abilities. As a result, a large number of people spend their time and money on a specialty in which they then do not work or work through force, without receiving any pleasure from it.

The vocational guidance project will allow students to identify their personal characteristics, to realize the importance of choosing the right profession, in order to make a reasonable choice of a specialty that best suits their individual abilities.

MyWay Proforientation, which is the official Regional Representative of the Humanitarian Technologies Testing Center of Moscow State University (Russia) and has exclusive rights to use the programs Proforientator, Profmaster, Profnavigator, etc., will test students of 9 grades as part of the project in Tashkent.

Pupils will first pass a special test on the block “Personality and Professions” of the program “Career Guidance”, which will help you to find out which professions are suitable for children in accordance with the individual characteristics of the character of children. On the basis of the data obtained, MyWay Career Guidance Center experts will conduct group consultations with children, give their recommendations on the choice of profession and answer their questions.

Deputy Minister of Public Education Sarvar Babakhodjayev said: “Providing quality education for children is one of our main tasks. At the same time, we also need to prepare children for selection of profession. I am sure that this project will allow students to get to know themselves better and make the right choice of profession, as well as purposefully prepare for the entrance exams of universities. ”

Director of MyWay Proforientation LLC Vyacheslav Kan said: “We are pleased that the state is now paying special attention to reforms in the field of education, because without this it is impossible to achieve economic growth and the welfare of the people of Uzbekistan. Partnership with the Ministry of Public Education in this project will allow our company to help many children in a very important matter of choosing a profession and to get closer to achieving our mission: "To promote the development of Uzbekistan, helping people to pave a thoughtful path to their favorite profession." I believe that the more people will work, enjoying their business, the more effectively they will do it, and the stronger the Uzbek economy will grow! ”

In the first stage, the project will cover five Tashkent schools. The Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan and MyWay Proforientation in the future intend to cover all capital schools.

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