Louvre Museum experts pay visit to Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- A group of French specialists from the world famous Louvre Museum, led by the director of the department of Islamic art of the museum, Yanik Linz, is on a working visit to Uzbekistan from 19 to 28 September.

Also, the delegation includes the director of the French-Uzbek archaeological mission in Bukhara, archaeologist of the department of Islamic art of the Louvre Rocco Rante and experts-restorers Anna Ligei, Christina Pariselle, Dolphin Elie Lefevre, Geraldi Fray.

The main purpose of the visit is to conduct research in cooperation with experts from Uzbekistan, to provide scientific analysis and draw up an expert conclusion on the status of exhibits previously selected in museums of Uzbekistan for exhibiting at the exhibition "Civilizations and Culture on the Silk Road", which will be held at the Louvre in 2021 .

This is the second visit of the French delegation on the holding of the exhibition; The first visit took place in May 2018. French experts on the restoration and conservation of museum exhibits are carrying out systematic work on the study of cultural heritage items of Uzbekistan. Experts conduct their research in leading museums and research institutes in Uzbekistan.

In particular, during the visit, the experts visited the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, the State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan, the Oriental Studies Institute, the Institute of Art Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, the Museum of History of Samarkand "Afrosiab", the Institute of Archeology, Samarkand State Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, Bukhara State Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, Museum of History of Pikend Site, Termez Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Holy Quran in Muji Muborak Madrassah under the Administration of Muslims of Uzbekistan, Museum of the Agency for Precious metals at the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Also, French archaeologist Geraldi Fray, in order to study the collection, is scheduled to visit the Karakalpak Scientific Research Institute of the Humanities.

Within the framework of the preparation for the exhibition, French and Uzbek scientists and art historians carry out a large-scale work on the selection and study of the preliminary list of exhibits that most fully reflect the ancient and medieval culture of the states that existed on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. Based on the results of the joint study, an expert opinion will be given on each selected exhibit and a single list of works of art is drawn up for exhibiting at the exhibition in the Louvre.

Gayane Umerova, Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation, speaking about the visit of French specialists, said: “The exhibition of the cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the Museum of the Louvre is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the rich heritage of our country to the world. The Foundation, together with the Louvre, works with the French side on the creation in Uzbekistan of a mobile laboratory for the conservation and restoration of museum exhibits, as well as the organization together with the school “Ecole de Louvre” a series of lectures and practical seminars on the professional development of museum specialists and art critics”.

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