Delegation of Tashkent region holds negotiations with the head of Minsk region

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- A delegation of Tashkent region led by khokim Gulomjon Ibrahimov has held talks with the Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Anatoly Isachenko.

Ibragimov noted: “We are aimed at mutual understanding and cooperation in various spheres of the economy of our regions.”

According to him, Tashkent region occupies about 20% of Uzbekistan’s GDP and the region has developed industry, agriculture and tourism.

He said that the delegation of the region arrived in Belarus to establish ties. “Do not play in the same gate - this is the main task, we will jointly produce and sell, we are open, the regions should work together, we are very interested in reciprocal links for processing milk, with the involvement of your scientists. We are also interested in the joint production of furniture, traditionally in Uzbekistan your furniture is valued,” he noted.

Ibrahimov said that the trade between the Minsk region and the Republic of Uzbekistan totaled US$12.5 million in the past period of 2018.

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