Uzbekistan to introduce ID-cards for pensioners

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan plans to introduce special electronic cards of pensioners (ID-cards) in near future. This is directed at identifying pensioners and automate process of issuing pensions in cash, press service of the Ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan said.


Until the end of 2018, organizations that have recruited a pensioner will be given the opportunity to send information about the employment of a pensioner in electronic form, which will reduce the paperwork several times, the press service of the Electronic Government Development Center said.

It should be added that in 2018-2019, citizens will have the opportunity to remotely apply to the extra-budgetary Pension Fund through electronic interaction of the database of E-Government software packages, the Unified Registration Database of payers of insurance premiums and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.

It should be said that the “Pension” program complex, which covers information of more than 3.3 million recipients of pensions and benefits, accumulates them in a single database.

Currently, an interactive SMS-pensiya service has been introduced in Uzbekistan. It is used by 1,800 pensioners throughout the country. The service allows to notify pensioners in a timely manner of the pension that has been added to them, about the payment made and the size of the pension increase in accordance with the Presidential Decrees.

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