UZCARD: Cardholders must enter the PIN-code themselves

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The interbank payment system UZCARD urged cardholders to enter the PIN-code of the card independently when making payments.

The company notes that in Uzbekistan, at a time when tourism is developing day by day, every government agency should offer quality and safe services to tourists. Accordingly, a tourist who arrives in Uzbekistan also uses international plastic cards if necessary. The request to disclose the PIN-code of the card from a tourist is comparable to the theft of his money.

UZCARD stresses that guests of Uzbekistan usually face such problems and do not understand the situation of PIN-code disclosure to strangers, especially in an unfamiliar country. And if there is a queue lined up behind him, he will certainly choose to withdraw and cash out the money from a plastic card through an ATM or some bank at best, and at worst - seek help from the "black" market.

The system notes that cardholders need to know their rights and require themselves to enter the PIN-code of the card.

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