AIBA President, Uzbekistan NOC chief discuss development of boxing

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Vice President of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), President of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) Gafur Rakhimov visited the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan.

The President of the National Olympic Committee Umid Akhmatjanov met the guest.

During the meeting, the parties discussed the reforms carried out in the sport, the attention paid to sports activities by the state and a number of other issues.

“Surely you follow the cardinal changes in Uzbek sports. We completely re-engage in all kinds of sports,” Umid Ahmadjanov said.

“Our work is in close cooperation with the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports. Over the years, you have been the head of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation. Your contribution to the development of Uzbek boxing is huge. After the Olympics in Rio, the number of parents who began to send their children to boxing increased dramatically. In this direction we hope for your advice, assistance. After you have been appointed the head of AIBA, the organization is carrying out major reforms. Earlier we observed fraud in the boxing system. The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach said this. With your arrival, AIBA began to change comprehensively,” the President of the NOC stated.

In turn, Gafur Rakhimov spoke about his observations on development of sports in Uzbekistan.

“Thank you for the offer. As you know, AIBA is considered the 3rd to 4th federation of sports in the world. The box is very successfully developed and popularized. Various tournaments are held among amateurs and professionals. We create new competitions. We want to introduce into the program of the Olympic Games a new direction of mixed martial arts, where the competition will take place among two men and two women. We think that our idea will be successful and interesting,” Rakhimov said.

“Interest in sports in Uzbekistan has always been at a high level. The Uzbek land gave the world many strong sports stars. The last two years have increased attention to working with young people. Within one year in the sports field of Uzbekistan, there have been cardinal changes in the sport of Uzbekistan, in the educational aspect and the Olympic movement. Undoubtedly, such reforms were implemented under careful attention of the respected President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev”, he said.

“I often go to work in many countries. And as soon as they learn that I am an Uzbek, they mention great changes in Uzbekistan. Separately emphasize the large-scale and historical reforms that were implemented by the head of the country in a short time. At such times, I am proud that I am a Uzbek. And if from the head of the country such attention goes to sports, we must justify our expectations, claim new victories, take gold and silver awards,” Gafur Rakhimov said.

Umid Ahmatdjanov agreed with the guest’s opinion, told about the changes in the sports system.

"We also carry out changes in the sports system. Previously, our country was represented only by famous athletes. At one time they did not prepare a replacement. As an example, take a rowing canoe and kayak. There is Vadim Menkov and he participates in international tournaments. Recently held an open tournament, where 18-year-old athletes were able to get ahead of him. I want to say that they did not open new names. In other sports, we also hold competitions, where selection is carried out,” the head of the NOC said.

In turn, the President of AIBA noted that he is ready to help in development of boxing in Uzbekistan.

“I can say with confidence that in the development of boxing in Uzbekistan AIBA is comprehensively ready to help. In addition, the Uzbek boxing school has its own rich history. I am sure that young people, continuing the traditions of mentors, will be able to rise to the highest level of the podium at the Olympics in Tokyo. For the attention and respect shown, I express my deep gratitude to the National Olympic Committee. I hope that our cooperation will be successful and productive,” the head of AIBA underlined.

At the end of the talks, Umid Akhmatjanov handed a memorable gift on behalf of the National Olympic Committee.

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