Uzbekistan plans to construct nuclear power plant by 2028

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- A nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan is planned to be built by 2028. This was reported at a meeting, which was held under the leadership of the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on 10 July to discuss the implementation of organizational and technical measures to create nuclear power in the country.

During the meeting, it was stated that Uzbekistan and the state corporation Rosatom reached an agreement on the construction of a nuclear power plant.

The nuclear power plant will consist of two power units with a capacity of 1,200 megawatts each. The safest and modern power unit in the world is allocated for construction of the nuclear power plant. Its commissioning is planned by 2028.

The launch of the nuclear power plant will allow Uzbekistan to save 3.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas, which will be used to produce petrochemical products with high added value. If Uzbekistan exports saved gas, the annual revenue can make up US$550-600 million.

The project will also reduce the amount of released carbon monoxide into the atmosphere due to the burning of natural gas by 3 million tonnes a year.

During the meeting, the organizational, technical and practical work related to the construction and operation, safety of the nuclear power plant was discussed.

The President gave instructions to study the experience of developed countries in the construction of similar facilities, the development of technical conditions for the location of the nuclear power plant, and the quality of geological exploration.

It was noted the need to create a regulatory framework in the country concerning the new sphere, the drafting of the Law "On the Use of Atomic Energy" and the corresponding resolution, taking into account their compliance with IAEA requirements and international acts.

For the operation of nuclear power plants, highly skilled specialists with deep knowledge are needed. Therefore, in Tashkent it is planned to open a branch of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, one of the world’s leading educational institutions in the field of physics.

In addition, instructions have been given to select potential personnel who graduated from universities in the areas of physics and technology, sending them to study and training in universities and nuclear power plants in Moscow and Minsk.

During the meeting, instructions were given for careful development of activities at each stage of the project implementation, strict control over the effectiveness of the work being carried out.

Currently, the need for electricity in Uzbekistan is 69 billion kW / h. Almost 85 percent of this energy is produced by burning gas and coal, the remaining 15 percent are produced by hydroelectric power plants. To generate electric power, 16.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 86,000 tonnes of fuel oil and 2.3 million tonnes of coal are consumed.

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