IUT students develop module for system of soil analysis and forecasting

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- A group of students of the Inha University in Tashkent (IUT), working for the “Bespilotniyi Tehnologiyi” (Unmanned Technologies), are working on the development of a module for the system of soil analysis and forecasting.

It should be recalled that the “Bespilotniyi Tehnologiyi”, which operates unmanned systems was established in late 2017 under the holding company “Uzbekoziqovqatholding”.

The unmanned aerial system (UAS) "Ptero G1" will be used for measuring agricultural crops, monitoring the state of their development, which will allow timely updating of planning and cartographic materials and eliminate deficiencies in ongoing agriculture technical activities.

Shooting with UAV allows to quickly and accurately measure the area of an agricultural land, and continuous monitoring helps to calculate the germination of crops, monitor the quality of the crop and identify cases of theft and spoilage of crops. All these data will help to react quickly to changes in the state of crops, make timely decisions to improve the efficiency of farming.

UAV technology allows to record and monitor the state of an agricultural land, which will help to optimize water consumption, calculate an optimal number of fertilizers and chemicals to use, create an electronic map of fields, a forecast of crop yields, plan drainage systems, and etc..

Students of Inha University in Tashkent (IUT) Shirin Ahmedhodjaeva, Khumoyun Aminaddinov (both sophomore students), Dilmurod Madrakhimov (Junior) and Yunus Sadullaev (Freshmen) created a module for the analysis and forecasting of soil, based on photos taken by UAV “Ptero G1”.

The software allows to carry out spectral analysis and calculate the vegetative index NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index).

Student Khumoyun Aminaddinov said: “Using images from the multispectral camera RedEdge Micasense, we create an NDVI map of the terrain. Further, the algorithm recognizes the vulnerable/poor places (where there is little or too much water), helping to take the necessary measures to improve the efficiency of growth”.

“Students have chosen a very promising direction, taking into account the specifics of our region. It’s nice that they use their knowledge in the field of IT not in entertainment, but in the development of the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan. It is worth noting that the work was already done by them, as well as the forthcoming work, are innovative and complex, and we are one of the first, who implements the system on the territory of Uzbekistan”, Director “Bespilotniyi Tehnologiyi” Shavkat Kodirov said.

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