Uzbekistan to develop SMART Government

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan adopted a new strategy for development of e-government, which envisages creation of innovative projects: SMART Government Uzbekistan. This was stated by the Minister for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications Azim Ahmedkhadzjhayev at the conference # MITCROADMAP2018 in Tashkent.

The minister stressed that the strategy had absorbed the best world practices and implemented till 2021.

So, what is SMART Government Uzbekistan:
The service-oriented government - the new Strategy envisages implementation of a large number of projects to implement the most demanded electronic public services, so in 2018 it is planned to implement more than 50 popular public services, 70% of which are for all categories of citizens and 30% for entrepreneurs . In addition, the modernization of certain projects related to the provision of public services is planned, include such as the Open Data Portal, the System for Assessing the Impact of Acts of Legislation, and the introduction of a mobile version of the Single Portal for Interactive Public Services.

Mobile government - within the framework of the new Strategy it is stipulated that the state strives to be much closer to the population, to create additional conveniences for rendering certain services based on needs and needs. Provision is made for introduction and improvement of mechanisms for the provision of public services. That is, the state will promptly respond to these or other needs of the population and business.

The government that responds to the needs of the population at any time - e-government projects help the public to be heard at any time and in any place through any means of communication.

A permanent reforming government - public administration should be constantly developing, taking into account the opinions and interests of all segments of the population. In this regard, within the framework of the new strategy, it is envisaged to optimize the administrative procedures of all state bodies, taking into account the eradication of bureaucratic and redundant processes that are taking place at the present time.

An open government - the creation of an "Intelligent Government" is impossible without ensuring the openness of government agencies. Thus, information on the activities of state bodies should be available and published in an open form on the Internet. Over the year, it is planned to create more than 400 sets of open data. At the same time, it is planned to improve the activity of state bodies in a virtual environment, taking into account active interaction with the public within the framework of its activities.

"We expect that the implementation of the new Smart Government strategy will allow us to shortly enter the TOP-50 countries in the rating of the UN e-government and TOP-50 countries in the Global Open DataIndex," the minister said.

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