The 6th Festival of European Cinema to be held in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- From 25 to 30 May, the 6th Festival of European Cinema will be held at Cinema Palace named after Alisher Navoi. The Festival is organized by the Delegation of the European Union in Uzbekistan in cooperation with the National Agency "Uzbekkino".

This time the audience will be presented 12 films produced by the countries of Germany, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Switzerland, Finland, France, the Czech Republic and Hungary and Belgium.

The Swiss romantic musical comedy "Madly in love" (2010), with a humorous demonstration of the story of a young man from Sri Lanka, who lives in Switzerland, who falls in love with the Swiss, will open the festival. However, his parents have already decided everything for him ...

It should be noted that the festival presents 4 films for family viewing, such as "Let it be a basketball player" (Slovenia, 2017), "Grandfather who is more dangerous than a computer" (Latvia, 2017), "Bubul" (Switzerland / Belgium, 2014 ) and "Home" (Romania, 2012), which will please viewers with funny family stories, reflecting the relationship of parents and children and love for pets.

The festival will also present such films as "Mom and Other Crazy Relatives" (Hungary, 2015), "Summer Time" ( France, 2008), "Fairy Tales for Emma" (Czech Republic, 2016), "At the Limit" (Germany, 2017) and "Pause" (Switzerland / Germany, 2014).

Two documentaries will be also presented at the festival. The film "Four Elements" (Finland, 2017) is a human journey through the Earth, Air, Water and Fire, following the adventures of five unique characters. In parallel, their interaction with the primordial elements reveals the basic values of their lives: friendship, courage, excitement from challenge and overcoming personal limits.

The documentary film "Tomorrow" (France, 2015) is a tour of the film crew to 10 countries of the world (France, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, India, United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland), which reflects on the possible death of humanity by 2100 . The expedition meets with specialists working in the field of agriculture, energy, economy, democracy, education. Having gathered together diverse and already functioning projects, the filmmakers had an opportunity to imagine what the future society might be like.

All films presented at the Festival will be broadcast in the language of the original country with subtitles in Russian. Traditionally, the entrance to all film shows is free.

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