Uzbek citizens receive US$1.3 billion in January-April

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan received remittances worth over US$1.3 billion in January-April 2018, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said.

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan for the first time officially published data on the volume of remittances of individuals.

In January, Uzbek citizens received money transfers for US$322.2 million, in February - US$293.8 million, in March - US$333.4 million and in April - US$353.18 million.

In November 2017, users of international money transfers were given the opportunity to conduct cross-border transfers in national currency through automatic conversion. In January-April remittances for US$28.47 million were given in Uzbek soums.

After that, the volume of issued money transfers in the national currency is steadily growing, which indicates a decrease in the population’s demand for cash foreign currency. The share of remittances sent in national currency since January 2018 is at a stable level (an average of 11% of the total).

In the reporting period, US$269.15 million was transferred from Uzbekistan to abroad.

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