Operators and providers will pay fines for poor communication quality and the Internet

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- The government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution “On measures to further improve the quality of communication, information and telecommunications services”.

According to the document, operators will now pay fines for every case of poor quality of communication and a breakdown, which occurred due to the fault of service providers.

Starting from 1 June 2018, sanctions (fines) will be applied against companies, which violated the requirements of legislation and other normative documents, state standards and quality of services in the sphere of communications, information and telecommunication technologies.

Penalties are tied to the minimum wage size. The Inspectorate for Control in the Sphere of Communications, Informatization and Telecommunication Technologies under the Ministry of Finance will apply fines against violators.

If the company recognizes its guilt and voluntarily pays a fine, the sanctions are applied by the Inspectorate, if not, the fines applied by the court.

If the company violated the standards and other requirements for the first time, by negligence and did not cause damage, the fines will not applied. Managers of the company will be brought to administrative responsibility.

Also, the company will have to recalculate payment by customers and repair damages, and managers will be brought to administrative responsibility.

For poor quality of the Internet, due to the fault of the company, a fine of 0.5 MWR for each case is applied. If a breakdown occurred due to the fault of the company and it did not adopt measures to fix the problem within the time specified by the standard, a fine of 0.1 MWR for each minute of equipment downtime is applied.

For every breakdown in the mobile Internet, the operator will pay a fine at the size of 0.1 MWR. The same penalty is provided in the case when it turns out that the average speed of the mobile Internet does not meet the standard.

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